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Adalan Pishro Arian Company specializes in manufacturing, developing and supplying multilayer Pex-Al-Pex systems for different range of applications. SPP or Super Penta Pipe is a trade name for multilayer PEX/AL/PEX piping systems.

Multilayer Pipe

five layer pipe

Multilayer composite pipe, Pentapipe a new generation of pipe that is made of metal and plastic. And because such a combination, simultaneously has the properties of metal and plastic. Cutting, bending, pressing and quick installation of the most important properties.

Screw Fittings


There are a many variety of Pex/Al/Pex pipe fittings available. Its body is made ​​of brass and nickel plated to resist and beautification. Produced with the best quality of accuracy.

Press Fittings

press fittings

Ring Press Fitting, was named for the fact that this type of connection, a stainless steel ring comes on top of the pipe and the ring gets pressed by a special compact press tool.

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