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Super Penta Pipe

PEX/AL/PEX Multilayer Pipe

Super Penta Pipe is a brand name for multilayer piping system which is made from very high quality raw materials in Iran. Penta Pipe is made from most known high quality materials available in Europe and South Korea,┬áThis manufacturing company has a very tight and strict quality control inspection programme which makes the product very reliable. The quality control is based on ASTM 1281 and 1282 which has quality control stations such as Hydrostatic, Universal Test, Pex Xylene test, Ring test, Microscopic Digital Weld Test and more tests such as Visual Tests and more…
Multilayer or five layer  composite pipe(Pentapipe) is a generation of pipe that is made of metal and plastic, and because of such a combination, simultaneously has the properties of both metal and plastic. Cutting, bending, pressing and quick installation are some of the most important properties that can be mentioned.

Super Penta Pipe

Why is it called Multilayer pipe?
These type of piping system has 2 layers of PEX-b for inside and outside, a layer of Aluminum which is in between of two Pex- b layers and finaly two layers of bonding to bond the aluminum layer to Pex-b layers.
Multilayer Super Penta Pipe

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